Compak k3

Compak är ett spanskt företag som tillverkar espressokvarnar av högsta kvalitet. De har varit representerade i WBC – World Barista Championship – flera gånger . Precise micrometrical grinding adjustment; or On-Demand ground coffees.

Automatic or Manual operating mode; Portafilter rest system. Compak – KTouch Advanced OD – White. Baristashopen Baristashopen, i, Färska eko kaffebönor och teer.

The Compak KTouch Advanced Doserless Grinder is an attractive, high-volume entry into the land of grinders.

The KTouch features a stepless and doserless . Hej Jag är ny här fick min Compak KTouch i går. Compak KTouch Advanced Coffee Grinder – White. KTouch Advanced OD Time adjustable service. Selection for single or double espresso. If simple functionality and great grind control is important to you, the Compak KTouch’s features-for-the.

In this video I review the Compak Kcoffee grinder and provide a tip or two on how to use it in a way to reduce. Founded in 195 Compak coffee grinders are functional, simplistic, and built to perfection. Order your Compak Kespresso grinder at Chris’ Coffee!