Ifootage shark slider s1

The Shark Slider Shas silent, long lasting bearings and an original flywheel which ensures smooth, highly controllable and extendable camera movement time . För att minska vikten och storleken på denna glidskena har iFootage skalat av allt överflödigt. Thumb Ifootage Shark Slider S(bundle).

Shark Slider består av flera lösa delar som gör den mycket lättare . Shark Slider SSpecial Bundle: Extra Auxiliary Weight, Carrying. The Ifootage Shark slider provides best in class performance at an affordable .

Footage’s use of this exclusive advanced production method and the combination of fourteenth carbon fiber. Test vedio for iFootage Shark Slider S1. High density carbon fiber, amazing alumminum and SUS3stainless. Made for both professionals or amateurs who love to shoot but want that added convenience and mobility, the iFootage Shark Slider Sis made just for you.

Buy iFootage Carbon Fiber Shark Slider SBundle features Shark Slider S Extra Extension Rails Long Drive Belt.